Moroccan Swimmer Malak Meqdar Secures Gold in Thrilling 5km Open Water Race at 2nd Arab Swimming Age Group Champs

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Moroccan swimmer Malak Meqdar emerged victorious in the 5km Open Water race at the 2nd Arab Swimming Age Group Championships, clinching the gold medal with a remarkable time of 1:09.28.8. The competition, held in a scenic venue known for its challenging open water conditions, witnessed Meqdar's exceptional prowess as she navigated through the course with precision and speed, leaving her opponents trailing behind. The event brought together talented swimmers from across the Arab region,... Read More

Tunisian Prodigy Rami Rahmouni Clinches Best Swimmer Title at 2nd Arab Age Group Championships in Qatar

In a remarkable display of talent and prowess, 15-year-old Tunisian swimmer Rami Rahmouni has emerged as the Best Swimmer(Age Group 1) at the 2nd Arab Age Group Championships held in Doha, Qatar. The young prodigy's stellar performance has not only brought pride to Tunisia but has also showcased the incredible potential within the Arab swimming community. Rahmouni, hailing from Tunis, dominated the competition with a series of outstanding performances, including gold in the open water 5km race, leaving spectators and fellow athletes... Read More

Egyptian Swimmer Farida Osman Clinches Spot in 2024 Olympic Games

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Egyptian swimmer Farida Osman has officially qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games. Osman's exceptional performance in the qualifying events has solidified her place among the world's elite athletes, and she is set to make a splash in the upcoming Olympics. Farida Osman, born on January 18, 1995, in Indianapolis, USA, to Egyptian parents, has been making waves in the world of swimming since a young age. Known for her speed and precision in the water, Osman has become a symbol of insp... Read More

Ahmed Hafnaoui Absent from Indiana University Swim Team

Bloomington, IN - In a recent update provided by Indiana University's head coach, Ray Looze, it has been confirmed that Ahmed Hafnaoui, the Tunisian swim sensation and reigning Olympic champion in the men's 400 freestyle, will not be competing for the Hoosiers this season. Coach Looze expressed his pride in the accomplishments achieved with Hafnaoui during the previous season and conveyed his best wishes for the swimmer's future endeavors. "We're really proud of what we accomplished with him last year," Looze said. ... Read More

Gold:Rami Rahmouni Makes a Splash 2nd Arab Aquatics Age Group Championships

In a thrilling display of speed and skill, Rami Rahmouni emerged victorious in the 200m Freestyle event at the 2nd Arab Aquatics Age Group Championships, leaving spectators in awe of his remarkable performance. Competing against a field of talented swimmers from across the Arab region, Rahmouni showcased his prowess in the pool, ultimately clinching the gold with a time of 1:55.09. The championship, held Qatar] in Doha, witnessed intense competition, but Rahmouni's outstanding swim set him apart, earning him well-deserved acclaim. The... Read More